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Anyone who likes to eat fish knows that it goes with almost anything in the kitchen. Whether in more traditional, simpler or sophisticated dishes, a good fish is always a great choice for our daily meals. Therefore, in addition to the form of preparation, the accompaniments of fish are essential to make the dishes more tasty, healthy and nutritious.

Whether with leafy salads, rice, homemade mayonnaise or even the classic “fish and chips” with french fries, the fish accompaniments are varied and suitable for every type of taste. Therefore, we can use culinary creativity to innovate in recipes and make our dear fish irresistible.

What we must always take into account is the nutritional composition of these ingredients, opting for natural, organic, whole foods, with less fat, calories and sodium. Take a look at 6 healthy options we’ve prepared for you!

What to serve with fish? See 6 healthy and tasty options

1 – Cooked vegetables: Carrots, eggplant, baroa potatoes, beets, zucchini or pumpkin are good options to be steamed and make the meal more tasty and nutritious. Seasoned with olive oil and, if you prefer, some herbs to bring even more flavor, vegetables are good sources of dietary fiber, which ensure satiety and help the bowel function, in addition to vitamins and minerals that ensure the general well-being of the our body. A good option and dish suggestion is the tilapia filet with vegetables. Try it.

2 – Mashed pears and apples: Although fruits are best known for making up healthy desserts and snacks, they can also become a perfect accompaniment to fish, in the form of a puree, did you know? Drizzled with lemon juice and placed on the fire with olive oil, honey and some spices, apple and pear become a delicious accompaniment to fish, bringing high levels of vitamin C, an essential substance to strengthen the immune system and maintain the body disease free. As a fish suggestion, a salmon and trout duet will be the perfect pair for the puree.

3 – Quinoa Couscous: One of the healthiest and most suitable grains for a balanced eating plan is transformed into a versatile and appetizing couscous to accompany the most diverse fish. Quinoa is a food rich in proteins and good fats that help prevent cardiovascular disease and improve the health of bones, muscles and teeth, favoring development.

4 – Zucchini skewer: The vegetable becomes a perfect accompaniment for fish, as it adds dietary fiber and also helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels. They can be seasoned with spices or, interspersed with skewers, with leeks, bringing more flavor and enriching the dish. Zucchini is also rich in vitamin A, a nutrient responsible for improving vision, ensuring healthy and hydrated skin and also preventing infections in the body.

5 – Golden sweet potatoes: When it comes to practicality and little time in the kitchen, potatoes will always favor lunch. Instead of the English, the sweet potato, after being steamed, is lightly browned in oil and added to the dish. The darling of athletes is a perfect source of complex carbohydrates, which are transformed into energy for our body, without accumulating fat. This tubercle also helps in muscle development.

6 – Vegetable noodles: The traditional wheat flour spaghetti gets a healthier and more functional version for those who don’t give up on a balanced diet. Carrots, peach palm and zucchini are chopped into thin strips, forming a kind of vegetable noodles, perfect combination for the most varied dishes, especially fish. Gluten-free, the recipe is ideal for those intolerant to the substance, in addition to having a low glycemic index, reducing the risk of developing diabetes.


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