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Practicality, variety, sustainability, economy, in addition, of course, to health and taste issues. All this can be listed when it comes to frozen food. Especially for those who live a busy life and need to save time in the kitchen, having a dish ready, even reheated, solves a good part of the day’s problems. Discover the best options for storing meals in the refrigerator, without losing food consistency and nutrients.

Although many people think otherwise, freezing food is a healthy habit that preserves nutrients and even reduces waste levels. And, to make this practice easier and more everyday, some foods can be called “wildcards”, as they are used in more than one preparation. We’ve sorted out some of these healthy food options that help make our kitchen life a little easier. Check it out!

Which foods can stay in the fridge longer? Know how to freeze!

1 – Shredded chicken: One of the most beneficial foods for a healthy eating plan, it can be used in various preparations, innovating your menu and making you spend very little time in the kitchen.

How to freeze – Cook the chicken breast and shred, separating it into small pots (preferably glass) to freeze. When defrosting you can prepare: Chicken salad, mixing raw vegetables such as carrots and cabbage, canned (corn, peas, palm hearts) and whatever else is in the fridge. Add light curd or ricotta paste to emulsify.

2 – Chickpeas: Versatile and tasty, the chickpeas are a good option to include a good amount of dietary fiber in your diet. Its consumption is related to lower cholesterol and good cardiovascular health.

How to freeze – After being cooked, the chickpeas must be frozen in small portions arranged in the freezer. To use it, just defrost it (in the refrigerator or at room temperature) and include it in salads, pastas, meatballs, quiche, savory pies and even hamburgers, for the group of vegans and vegetarians.

3 – Banana: One of the most consumed fruits by Brazilians, banana can also be a good alternative to have in the freezer. In addition to increasing the durability of the fruit, freezing bananas preserves the good levels of potassium present in the food, which are essential to help with heart health and make the brain healthy and active.

How to freeze – Peel, chop and place in small pots. It can be used, without defrosting, in smoothies, smoothies, cakes and even ice cream.

4 – Kale: The dark green vegetable is extremely rich in nutrients that are important for our health. Vitamins A, B, K and C complex can be found in the composition, in addition to being a food rich in iron, phosphorus and magnesium.

How to freeze – Wash and chop the kale leaves to save you time when using them. Store in small pots. Remove from freezer a few hours before using and leave them in the fridge. Cabbage can be used for green juice, soups and sautes with garlic and onion.

5 – Vegetable stalks and leaves: The use of broccoli, cauliflower and spinach, for example, always results in the accumulation of stalks that end up in the trash, right? These foods, as well as their flowers, are rich in nutrients that also make our food healthier and provide the body with well-being. It’s time to save them!

How to freeze – They can be delicious and practical preparations: that vegetable soup can be enhanced with vegetable stalks, rice dumplings or vegetable dumplings are also good options.

6 – Beans: Stamp stamped on traditional dishes, beans are an indispensable food in our daily lives. A simple rice and beans is already a nutritious meal that provides satiety for many people. Known for its amount of iron, the food helps to prevent anemia, lowers cholesterol and, because it contains fiber, helps in the functioning of the intestine.

How to freeze – To store beans in the freezer, you can cook and season them as usual. Allow it to cool and separate into individual portions in the freezer. To defrost, just leave it at room temperature, use the microwave or leave it in the refrigerator. The beans can compose the most varied dishes, become a delicious bean broth or cake.

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