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The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that we consume at least ten kilos of fish per year. But what are you doing to reach this goal? To help you, today we will be teaching you a delicious recipe for light ceviche with white fish.

This fit ceviche recipe is very tasty, easy to make and yields at least four servings for your day. Don’t forget to store it in the fridge.


4 Units White fish fillets Cut into cubes

1 Unit of Sliced Red Onion

2 spoons (soup) Chopped cilantro

6 spoons (soup) lemon juice

1/2 Spoon (tea) Salt

1 Chopped Pepper Unit

1 Unit Pepper dedo de Menina No seeds, not to become bitter


Cut whitefish into cubes and place in a bowl

Add the salt, if you think it’s necessary, add more, but don’t overdo it

Also add the pepper and stir

Then add half the onion and the rest of the ingredients, stir and marinate for 10 minutes with the bowl covered with plastic film

After the marinating time, add the rest of the onion, give it a slight stir and then serve it afterwards

There, your ceviche is ready

Do not let the ceviche marinate for more than 10 minutes. This is the way to keep the sauce and fish flavors noticeable. If left for too long, the citrus sauce ends up bittering and leaving the ceviche with a very strong flavor.

Imagine a dish that inspires and brings tradition and culture to the palate? That’s the ceviche! Recipe coming from the rich Peruvian cuisine, the practicality and its endless possibilities of preparations make the delicacy increasingly conquer the world of haute cuisine and, of course, of food focused on health. Learn more about ceviche and how we can incorporate it into our eating routine.

The vast majority of ceviche recipes are based on fish (mainly salmon) and other seafood, however, nothing prevents the presence of other ingredients, served with the most different spices, to season and give a special touch of flavor . We’ve set aside some increment suggestions for your ceviche recipe, check this out:

Learn to spice up and make your ceviche healthier and more tasty!

Lemon: For seasoning, nothing better than this fruit. Lemon has the ability to stimulate the liver and thus helps the body to eliminate toxins. Lemon also helps in protein digestion, so it is well suited for ceviche sauce. If you need salt, try using nutrient-rich pink or sea salt.

Cilantro: Spice up your ceviche with cilantro. With its excellent health properties, including its ability to eliminate heavy metals from our body, helping in the body’s natural detoxification process. Coriander also protects our body from the attack of fungi and bacteria, in addition to helping to control blood sugar levels, which is very beneficial for diabetics and people who need to reduce body fat.

Basil: It is also delicious and offers many benefits. Among the properties of basil is in controlling anxiety, not to mention its aroma that leaves any recipe with a more special touch.

Mango: Another way to spice up your ceviche in a healthy way is to add a fruit such as mango, which goes very well with the preparation. It will add a lot of flavor and fiber to the recipe.

How should we serve ceviche?

Traditional ceviche is served with choclo (a kind of corn, lighter and larger than we know) and camote (a kind of sweet potato, orange). When serving ceviche, you can choose to put it in glasses as a starter or as a main meal. You can also prepare a special salad, wild rice or simple pieces of bread as side dishes.

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