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When planning a trip, it’s not enough to think about the clothes and shoes you’re going to pack. After all, depending on the distance to be covered, it is necessary to take at least one snack to avoid the risk of going hungry on the way. If you hadn’t thought about this factor or have no idea what to bring, don’t worry, we’ve put together tips to avoid going hungry during the trip. Take a look:

Calculate the amount of food needed for the journey

First of all, are you traveling alone or with someone? With or without children? Do any of these people have any type of allergy or intolerance? All of this must be taken into account before preparing the snack. In addition, it is necessary to keep in mind the commuting time, because if there are many hours it is necessary to take more food, and if it is very fast, only small snacks are needed in case someone is hungry.

Fruits are a healthy and nutritious option

It’s ok that fruits are perishable, but as you won’t be exposed to the sun (except in cases where people travel by motorbike or bicycle) they will hardly spoil so quickly. In addition, they are rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C, which in turn improves immunity, relieves stress and also helps in the body’s absorption of iron. Another benefit is that there is a wide variety of fruits – ranging from the most popular, such as apples and bananas, to exotic ones, such as pitaya and blueberries – which means that you will have at least one of them to suit your taste.

Sandwiches can have a variety of fillings

Often the trip does not allow you to stop along the way to get something to eat, and this can be quite problematic if it’s lunchtime. So as not to get your belly growling, the tip is to bet on assorted sandwiches. The best part is they can have whatever stuffing you want! Ideally, they have at least one protein source, be it meat, cruciferous vegetable or tofu, as this will give you more energy and willingness to continue your journey. If you are going to drive at any time, then this type of food is essential. But it is also possible to fill your sandwich with pâté pastes, preferably those made with organic food, and salads.

Cereals help to give energy

Although not many people know it, cereals are a great source of vegetable protein. Therefore, they also enter the list of foods that help give more energy to the body. A good idea is to mix them with a fruit salad, or eat a granola bar. This type of snack, in fact, is great for short trips, as it is a good source of fiber, helping to give you satiety and putting an end to that craving for something to eat.

Hydration is essential! Bet on juices, sports drinks and coconut water

Have you ever stopped to think that you might not have a place to buy water on the way? That’s why it’s necessary to take a good amount to avoid the risk of getting thirsty. Another good way to hydrate yourself is to bet on juices, which combine the benefits of the fruit and still give that feeling of freshness. Finally, coconut water and isotonic drinks have mineral salts, allowing the metabolism to function properly.

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