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Pholia negra is an herbal medicine derived from the plant Ilex sp. which has in its composition substances with antioxidant and antiglycant properties, that is, substances that favor burning and prevent the accumulation of fat, being widely used to help weight loss.

This herbal medicine acts directly on the stomach, slowing gastric emptying and the speed of food digestion, and thus increasing the feeling of satiety, unlike Sibutramine, which is a drug also used to lose weight, but which has action on the central nervous system and can lead to a number of complications. Understand why Sibutramine can be dangerous.

Pholia negra can be found in compounding pharmacies or food supplement stores, and should be used according to medical advice. The price varies and according to the concentration of black Pholia capsules can be between $10 and $100.00. Usually the indication for use is 1 capsule of 100mg about 20 to 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch in order to increase the feeling of satiety and reduce the amount of food to be ingested.

Despite having many benefits related to weight loss, it is important that the use of Pholia negra is associated with a healthy life, with proper nutrition and regular exercise. In this way, weight loss is more effective and the result is longer lasting.

Black Pholia is widely used to help with weight loss, as it has antioxidant and antiglycant properties. Thus, the main benefits of black Pholia are:

Decrease in visceral fat, which is the fat accumulated in the organs

Increases satiety due to delayed gastric emptying

Slows down the speed of food digestion

It decreases the chances of atheroma formation, which are fatty plaques, thus decreasing the risk of atherosclerosis

Reduces circulating LDL cholesterol concentration

Inhibits free radicals

Despite its numerous benefits, it is recommended that weight loss does not happen only through the use of this herbal medicine, but through various attitudes that can promote weight loss and make it lasting, such as adopting a healthy and balanced diet and exercising.

Difference between skinny pholia and black pholia

Unlike black pholia, lean pholia is able to speed up metabolism, increasing energy and facilitating the burning of abdominal fat. In addition, it has a diuretic function, facilitating the elimination of fluids and reducing swelling.

Side effects

So far, side effects related to the use of Pholia negra have not been described, however its use at night is not recommended, as it can cause sleep disorders. In addition, it is not indicated for use by people with hypertension, heart problems or pregnant women and should be used under medical advice.

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