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Have you ever bought more avocado units than you should and ended up wasting the fruit because it went bad? Well, avocado is a nutrient-rich food that tends to ripen quickly, especially after it’s been opened. Properly storing it is important when the fruit does not rot and last longer. See the tips and follow the step-by-step instructions below to learn how to freeze avocado and preserve the fruit longer!

  1. Slice the avocado pulp to make it easier to conserve

There are several ways to freeze avocado. Before anything else, remove the pulp from the food to speed up consumption after thawing. Then you can choose to leave it whole, halved, sliced ​​or even diced. If you want to gain space in the freezer, the ideal is to slice the fruit or break it into small cubes, as this facilitates handling and organization in the refrigerator.

  1. Drizzle lemon juice on the fruit to prevent oxidation

Avocado is a fruit that spoils easily due to the presence of phenols in its composition. These substances are oxidized by enzymes present in the air and have a darker tone in the food. Even when freezing avocado, it is important to add lemon juice to the pieces of fruit to ensure their greenish color during storage and to prevent the bitter taste that can develop later.

  1. Arrange the avocado pieces on a baking sheet and place in the freezer

When we throw the pieces of food directly into a pot or plastic container to freeze, it is common for them to stick together, making them difficult to handle in the future. To avoid the inconvenience, place the sliced ​​avocado on a baking sheet or even a board, giving space between the pieces so that they don’t stick together. A tip is to put the pulp in ice cubes. So, freeze the food.

  1. Once frozen, place the pieces in an airtight closure package

Once the avocado is completely frozen, transfer it from the baking sheet or cutting board to a pot or container with an airtight seal. This type of care is important to prevent the fruit from darkening and losing the fruit’s flavor or nutrients due to being in contact with other foods in the freezer.

  1. Consume the avocado within 5 months

If you’ve ever wondered how long you can freeze avocado, know that the ideal is that the consumption of the fruit is carried out within 5 months to avoid eating spoiled food. Not even lemon juice or the freezer can stop avocado from spoiling, even when well preserved!

  1. Thaw the avocado in the refrigerator

Some recipes with avocado use the fruit that is still frozen, as in the case of making ice cream or even smoothies. However, if you need fresh fruit, there are two ways to go about this process. You can microwave the avocado in “thaw” mode or on low power to avoid excess heat. Still, it is possible that it stays at a warmer temperature, which is not interesting for many recipes. The best option is to let the fruit defrost naturally in a pot in the fridge. It takes longer, but the result is wonderful. Then, just use it in recipes like quiches, guacamole or even toast sauce!


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