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1 papaya – 500 g

1 pack of whole yogurt – 160 g

3 tablespoons of strawberry jam – 40 g

1 tablespoon of brown sugar

A light recipe, delicious, super nourishing and extremely simple to make: the light papaya cream has very few ingredients, but they all stimulate your body in some way! There are many vitamins, minerals and bad cholesterol foods that are powerful for health. Besides, the recipe is the perfect dessert for meal breaks or to serve after Sunday lunch! Want to learn step by step? Take a look!

Preparation mode

Blend all ingredients in a blender with 1 tablespoon of jelly

Distribute the cream in individual cups and chill

When serving, spread the rest of the jelly over the cream

Papaya papaya is a source of fiber and vitamins A and C

A breakfast full of energy and nutrients is sure to accompany papaya. In addition to being delicious and juicy, the fruit is the perfect ingredient to make the first meal of the day complete, as it is a source of dietary fiber (which helps to balance the body and supply the hours we spend fasting), vitamins (above all A and C) and minerals. Besides, you can consume it in different ways: natural, in juices or vitamins and even combined with cereals.

Brown sugar is one of the healthiest types of sugars.

Unlike other types of sugar, demerara sugar is light brown in color, larger grains and much more nutrients. The reason for this? It is a much less refined sugar, with almost no chemical additives in its production. Interesting right? Demerara is rich in calcium, is more suitable for diabetics and is also rich in minerals – especially magnesium.

Yogurt is perfect for a nutrient-rich diet

A super source of calcium and several other minerals – such as potassium, manganese and phosphorus -, vitamins A, B6 and B12, riboflavin, very few calories and bacteria that contribute to a good intestinal functioning, yogurt is that food that should never leave the your fridge! There are several reasons for its consumption, and each type of yogurt can have a different contribution to your diet.


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