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Can you currently see yourself without your cell phone? Or rather, have you ever imagined yourself without any internet access? Today it is really difficult to think about a completely disconnected life, but it is important to remember that spending many hours in front of the computer screen, tablet or cell phone is bad for our health, even if you are studying, working or doing some other considered task indispensable.

Internet is addictive and can be addictive

When we think about addicted people, it is very likely that drugs, such as alcohol and cigarettes, come to mind, but the truth is that it is also possible to create an internet addiction. And don’t think that the picture is very different from that seen in drug addicts, because the person who can’t go offline can become irritable and anxious while not connected, feeling the need to surf the web all the time. In the worst cases, addiction can lead to depression, affecting self-esteem and making the person lose interest in activities that used to make them happy, culminating in profound unhappiness.

Your vision may be impaired

Well, first it’s necessary to demystify the idea that the computer itself is bad for vision, since this is just an urban legend. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be harmed if you spend too much time in front of a screen. What happens is that we are very attentive to what we are seeing and with that we tend to blink less. As a result, the eye becomes dry, which can cause blurry vision. It’s good to remember that the intensity of the lighting also influences, so too much or too little light also makes your eyes tired.

In fact, excessive exposure to a screen can generate SVRC, Computer Related Visual Syndrome. In addition to eye dryness, she also has headaches as a symptom, which is generated precisely by this “eye strain”. In this case, the best solution is to take breaks to spend some time without looking at the screen. For example, if you’ve been in front of your computer for an hour, you can stop for just five minutes. But the longer you are surfing without rest, the longer this pause period should be. And to give a little extra strength it’s worth consuming foods that are good for your eyesight.

Can generate tendonitis and body pain in general

It is quite common for people not to get their spine straight when using the computer, which makes the chances of constantly suffering from back pain just increase. The same goes for tendonitis, generated due to repetitive hand movement. It causes pain in the tendons and muscles, which may be just in the wrist or extend to the shoulder. Of course, just using the computer for a regular time shouldn’t result in all of these problems, but as the period gets longer, the chances of suffering from bodily pain increase a lot.

It is possible to start having problems relating to others

Finally, in addition to all the physical disadvantages, spending too much time connected can make a person have problems with relating – or else mask a possible social phobia. No, it’s not the same as shyness, which makes a lot of people just not comfortable in a place with a lot of strangers. The disorder actually causes them to avoid any kind of social contact as much as possible, no matter how much she knows the people present.

The desire to stay connected without leaving the house becomes much greater than seeing anyone, which causes, of course, serious relationship problems. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the signs: would you rather stay connected at home than meet people face-to-face? Do you avoid as much as possible any type of event or meeting, be it among friends, family or in a relationship? If you notice that you begin to suffer from any of the symptoms listed, see a psychologist for medical follow-up.

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