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The exotic fruit native to Asia that is currently widely used in the preparation of sweets. To encourage you to use this food in different recipes, we have prepared an article talking about the benefits of quince and its possible uses in the kitchen. Check this out!

Quince helps bowel function

Because it has a high content of dietary fiber, the quince fruit helps a lot in the functioning of the intestine and the digestive system as a whole, as it helps in the absorption of nutrients and prevents problems such as diarrhea or constipation. It also guarantees satiety and, as it is a source of pectin (a specific fiber), it is very suitable for the preparation of jellies and jams.

Good for heart health and helps control the glycemic index

Another great benefit of quince is that it contributes a lot to heart health. Dietary fiber (present in the pulp and peel of the fruit) helps regulate cholesterol – preventing cardiovascular problems – and also helps control blood glucose levels. In addition, quince is a source of potassium, an important mineral for blood circulation, which helps to strengthen muscles and prevent heart disease.

Strengthens the immune system

In addition to being a source of fiber, quince also stands out for being rich in vitamins A, C and antioxidant substances that help boost the body’s defense system. These nutrients keep immunity high and contribute to eye health (preventing corneal and macular disease, for example).

It has a diuretic, anti-inflammatory and healing action

For those who don’t know, quince has, in its composition, therapeutic substances that can be very beneficial to health. Tannins, for example, are compounds that have an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and healing action – great for treating sore throats and other sources of inflammation. Malic acid is another substance present in the fruit that has antioxidant and diuretic action – that is, it helps to eliminate toxins and prevents the accumulation of liquids.

Contributes to skin and hair health

Did you know that quince also helps ensure long-term skin and hair health? Due to its high content of antioxidant agents, this fruit fights the action of free radicals, preventing premature aging.

Quince Recipe Tips

In addition to learning how to make marmalade (which is a sweet prepared by cooking quince with sugar and water), you can try new recipes, such as juices, smoothies, smoothies, jellies and even toppings or toppings for bread and cookies. Quince is a fruit with a slightly bitter pulp and, therefore, it is usually used in the preparation of sweets. By adding sugar (preferably coconut, demerara or brown, which are more natural alternatives) and other ingredients, it is possible to make a wide variety of dishes. How about trying it out?

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