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Truth be told, running is one of the most democratic exercises you have. After all, you don’t need to pay a gym to start training, just find a bike path, park or street with little car movement in your city to start moving. But if you want to start or have already started practice, know that it’s not enough to put on sneakers and the right clothes! You also need to eat before you start running, you know? To clear all doubts about the subject, we have prepared the best tips for whoever runs. Take a look!

Carbohydrates give energy to muscles

The first thing you need to know is that carbohydrates need to be present in your diet. That’s because they are the ones that will give your muscles energy, and consequently help you in your workout. But calm down, it’s not just any carbohydrate, ok? They are divided into two categories: simple and complex, and it is the first group that you should focus your efforts on.

This is because they are digested faster, which is great for your body, which needs to burn energy – and it will come from carbohydrates. Some foods that fall into this category are pastas and breads, so it’s worth keeping this in mind before you start eating anything before going for a run. But beware: sweets and soft drinks in general are also simple carbohydrates, but in this case they are not recommended for consumption because they are usually not healthy. Also opt for whole foods, which provide energy for longer.

eat at least an hour before running

Another precaution you need to take before exercising is not to eat immediately before going for a run. This can cause stomach pain as the body has not fully digested the food. Okay, but how long do I have to wait to run after eating? So it depends on the amount and what kind of food was eaten. If you’ve had lunch, the ideal is to wait at least two hours before running, if you’ve already opted for a snack rich in simple carbohydrates, an hour is enough. When in doubt, consult your nutritionist.

Age can interfere with eating

Not everyone thinks about it, but did you know that your age directly affects the type of diet you should bet on? This is because at each stage of life your body is deficient in a specific food. Not to mention that the digestive process also varies from person to person, and that is why it is essential to seek a qualified professional before starting a proper diet for training. Only he will be able to indicate what is best to meet your needs without compromising the deficiencies of your age.

Potassium must be present in the diet of athletes

A very good tip is to bet on potassium. That’s because this mineral brings several benefits for those who exercise. First, it helps the body recover nutrients lost during exercise by regulating the inflow and outflow of water in the body. It also improves blood circulation and helps you recover from exercise. If until now you were thinking that there are only advantages to post-race nutrition, you are wrong, because there is a fourth benefit for those who move: it helps with muscle contraction. In other words: avoid the dreaded cramp, a real nightmare for runners.

Don’t forget to hydrate yourself

Finally, in addition to eating, you must drink plenty of fluids before running to avoid the risk of dehydration. Our tip is to bet not only on water, juices and isotonic drinks, but also on vitamins, as they contain calcium from milk (which is essential for strengthening bones) and fruits, which can be good sources of carbohydrates. Just don’t forget the rule to wait for digestion before exercising, ok?

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