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Have you ever heard that lemon is bad for the liver? This citrus is often classified as a villain when it comes to digestive problems. As it is an acid fruit with an intense flavor that is widely used in recipes, some diets even create restrictions on the consumption of lemons on the menu. However, few people know the benefits of this fruit for the digestive system. See the actions of lemon on the liver and find out when to avoid it!

Lemon is a citrus fruit rich in vitamin C with a detox effect for the body

Having a balanced and fruit-rich diet is crucial for those who want to have a healthy life. Lemon is a great example of a food that promotes health for the body due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions, which fight colds and flu.

In addition, the fruit is also a source of carbohydrates, dietary fiber, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamins A, B3, B5, B9 and C. Due to its detox effect, lemon helps to clean impurities from the body and blood , offering a better quality of life for those who regularly consume citrus.

Lemon juice helps clean the liver and balance cholesterol levels

Unlike what can be said out there, lemon is good for the liver! Fruit juice facilitates the organ’s work, as its characteristic acidity promotes better digestion of food in the stomach by stimulating the production and release of gastric acid.

Thus, the liver undergoes detoxification and a reduction in the amount of energy needed to break down the fat molecules in food. Lemon helps in the general cleansing of the body and also helps to balance the levels of cholesterol in the blood and the clogging of blood vessels.

Lemon water helps to strengthen the immune system and provides energy for the body

If you don’t know what lemon water is for, it’s time to find out! This mixture is a great option to be consumed in the morning, as it provides energy and energy for the body. Ingesting the mixture while fasting will help boost immunity. With half a cup of warm water and half a lemon juice, you can prepare a drink that offers vitality and willingness to start the day!

You can also add other ingredients that enhance the healing and energy potential of the lemon. Herbs and oils help clean the liver and remove toxic substances from the body. Using the rind of the lemon itself to prepare the juice further strengthens the immune system and increases the presence of nutrients in the drink.

Know when to avoid lemons in your diet

Lemons are not harmful to the liver, but consuming too much food can cause other types of problems for the body. Because it has a high concentration of acidity, the fruit juice can hurt the stomach wall due to excess corrosive liquids if ingested on an empty stomach.

The ideal is to consume citrus in small doses. A tablespoon of juice a day or even the juice of half a lemon diluted in water to soften the acidity of the drink. If you start to feel uncomfortable in your stomach, stop drinking. If you are already aware of any type of gastrointestinal disease, avoid the fruit, especially in times of crisis.

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